Business and Bipolar!

Therese Molander

Hello! My name is Therèse and I’m bipolar.

And I’ve been blogging about it for a few years, but in Swedish, and I now feel it’s time to take a leap into the jungle of blogs in english. Mainly because I want to spread the word that you cannot only live a normal life with bipolar disorder, you can live your dream life.

I strongly belive it’s more than possible to live your dream even if you have bipolar disorder and it’s always been my reason to blog. In 2015, a few seconds after I was given my diagnose my doctor gave me a pamphlet saying I couldn’t expect a normal life since bipolar disorder is one of the ten most disabling illnesses in the world.

I could not believe it: I was only 24 years old. I had finnished college and had a great start on my career in PR, as well as travelling the world as a youth politician. I just couldn’t accept that as a truth so I went home to the computer and found out in this case, Google wasn’t my friend. Everything I found on living with bipolar disorder was bad.

But being who I am, I still coulnd’t accept that my chanses at a normal life was slim to none. I had a good life without medication and thought that it could only get better with medication and good care. So I set out to not only find a way to live a normal life, I wanted to live my dream life.

Time, reasarch and hard work proved me right.

This was almost five years ago and today I live with my fiancée and our little baby girl in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. I have wonderful personal life and a professional life that’s just as good. I have my own business in content strategy and get to work with some of the largest companies in Sweden. It’s all good, and it’s not only despite my illnes but in some ways because of it.

Having bipolar disorder has made me stronger, smarter and better prepared in many ways.

I look forward to sharing my tips, tricks and thought both on bipolar disorder, business and life in general with you.

If you want to, read my swedish blog, you can find it here.

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