The very first post

A few seconds after I was given my diagnose my doctor gave me a pamphlet saying I couldn’t expect a normal life since bipolar disorder is one of the ten most disabling illnesses in the world.

I could not believe it: I was only 24 years old. I had finnished college and had a great start on my career in PR, as well as travelling the world as a youth politician. I just couldn’t accept that as a truth so I went home to the computer and found out in this case, Google wasn’t my friend. Everything I found on living with bipolar disorder was bad.

But being who I am, I still coulnd’t accept that my chanses at a normal life was slim to none. I had a good life without medication and thought that it could only get better with medication and good care. So I set out to not only find a way to live a normal life, I wanted to live my dream life.

This was almost five years ago and today I live with my fiancée and our little baby girl in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. I’m currently on maternity leave, but otherwise work as a freelancer in content marketing. I truly live my dream life and I’m stable in my bipolar disorder.

I’ve been blogging about my journey in Swedish for just as long. Today I’m taking the leap into a bigger audience and a blog in English.

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